We have delivered thousands of videos to satisfied clients around the world. The vast majority of these are completed in two feedback rounds as outlined below.

Version 1.

This is the first version we share we with you (though we often have several internal feedback rounds). This will have the content according to the script – or if it is unscripted, the closest version to the brief outlined.

Feedback Round 1.

This the moment to make significant comments on the content. 

Question to ask yourself are: Have we got across the key message to the target audience in line with the brief? And, if this is a video about research: Have we fairly and accurately conveyed the points the speakers/researchers wanted to make about their work? 

Because we spend time getting the brief and script in place in pre-production, and because we work with specialists in your subject area, the changes here are often relatively small and manageable. But if there are any big changes needed, now is the time to make that clear.

We ask for consolidated feedback. By consolidated feedback we mean one point of contact on your side provides the feedback and brings together all the various opinions from your key stakeholders. For more information on that, see here [link to blog on consolidated feedback].

Version 2

Once you provide consolidated feedback on Version 1, we move to Version 2. At this stage we will apply the additional touches like graphics, animation, archive, sound mix, colour correction – as applicable – to get this to a near final film.

Feedback Round 2

If Version 1 follows the brief and Feedback Round 1 is clear and consolidated, then then Feedback Round 2 is maindly checking we have implemented Feedback Round 1 and any other smaller tweaks.

Version 3

By Version 3, we will have applied Feedback Round 2 and the video should then be ready for Sign Off by you.

Because we’ve worked with you closely at the pre-production stage, the vast majority of projects delivery within these three versions.

At each round we give a timeline for when we expect to receive feedback and when you can expect to receive an updated version. And of course, we are available for a phone call throughout, should it be easier to talk through feedback or if you have any questions. More information on our production process is on our website. If you’d like to talk more about your own project, do get in touch.