What We Do

Since 2014, our team has built a global reputation for making films and videos on policy, research and development.

What sets us apart is that our team uniquely understands two worlds. Firstly we understand how high-end video production can drive action and amplify great ideas. Secondly, we understand the subjects, issues and audiences important to our clients. Because we understand and have a passion for the subjects, we are able to make films that are accessible, engaging and faithful to the original work.

High-end production

Expertise creating editorially-driven films that have real world impact.

Editorial specialism

In-depth knowledge of the subjects, issues and audiences our clients are focussed on.

Video Formats

Explainer Videos

Short, dynamic videos that can make complex ideas or issues accessible and engaging. They can also offer a way to showcase the work your organisation does and why it matters.


There are a range of animation styles that can help visualise complex ideas and concepts in a way that’s dynamic and immediate.


Documentary-style videos offer you the opportunity to dive deeper into issues and work. This can include multiple ‘on the ground’ perspectives and context-setting footage that brings the subjects to life.

Promo films

Promo films are designed to promote your course, event or institution. They are designed with your specific audiences in mind and in a way that drives action.