Creating a brief is a really important first stage when you’re looking to create a new video. You may have heard the saying: ‘Give me the freedom of a clear brief’. For us, a clear brief makes our job easier – but more importantly it allows our energy and passion to go towards delivering to that brief, and ensuring you get a better outcome from your project.

There are a number of things it is useful for us to understand in order to advise on a proposed approach and put together a guide budget. A brief can also be a useful process for your team internally to help align objectives and clarify exactly what you need the video to achieve and any considerations that should be taken into account.

Please find some useful prompt questions that we always ask below:

  • What are the objectives of the video/s?
  • What is the message?
  • Who are we talking to? Who is the intended audience?

Then there are follow on questions:

  • What do we want your audience to think / do after watching this video? Is there a call to action? What are you asking them to do? (e.g. visit a webpage etc)
  • What does the target audience currently think and how do you want that to change as a result of the video/s?
  • What is the proposition? What is the evidence that will enable us to shift perceptions with the target audience? What are the proof points?
  • What is the tone of voice? (e.g. does it want to feel inspirational or dynamic?)
  • How do you want the video/s to look and feel? Should it be in line with your brand guidelines?
  • What are the key timings? When do you need delivery? Are there any key milestones or dates when contributors are available?
  • Where are you planning to use the video/s (e.g. on Twitter, YouTube, Websites, etc.)
  • Are there any important considerations or mandatory requirements? Are there any contributors you’d need to appear?
  • How will you measure success?

And finally, remember that having a clear brief isn’t just useful at the start, it is also a helpful document to refer to throughout the project – particularly if there are multiple people involved. A clear brief can be way of making sure that the projects stays ‘on mission’.

Please let us know if you have any questions on how best to create a brief.