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LSE Executive Education


To create a series of short videos designed to promote six LSE Executive Education programmes and highlight the quality of the teaching faculty and their work.


We created films that showcased the courses and the unique access that students get to faculty staff. They were created with high-production values that reflect the quality of the course and institution and that clearly communicate some of the subjects of the course in an accessible and inspiring way. They also showcase the LSE’s Central London location and facilities and offer a glimpse of the interactive nature of the courses using in-class footage.   


“Econ Films are highly professional, fun to work and – most importantly – have delivered a range of quality films for us. They are skilled in getting to the heart of our academics’ research, bringing it to life and articulating why it matters to the audience. This has had a big impact on our marketing campaigns to promote executive education at LSE.”

James Thornton, Senior Marketing & Recruitment Manager

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