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UCL School of Management, and the UCL Department of Economics

MSC Finance Promo


To create a film that attracts new students to the UCL’s MSc in Finance.


We took a cinematic approach to the film, through shot selection, cinematography, sound and archive selection, to reflect the unique Canary Wharf location and backdrop, to build excitement around a career in finance and to showcase the premium quality of the course. The film features some of the teaching team and gives potential students a sense of the energy and vibe of the campus and the course itself.


The film has received many thousands of views on YouTube alone. The video regularly receives warm praise online and has helped to promote the Master’s to the target audience.

My department launched a new Master’s course and Econ Films was the obvious choice to advertise it. We have a premium course and needed a premium video. I’m glad we didn’t go cheap or go in-house and went for quality: it shows.”

Raffaella Giacomini, UCL     

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