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Institute for Fiscal Studies

Econ Films are a fantastic resource. They have helped me and many other economists engage an audience over many years. If you want a boring film that doesn't engage, don't work with Econ Films!

Sir Richard Blundell
Head of Research, Institute for Fiscal Studies, UCL, 2020

Where does the government get its money from?


To produce a series of short video-explainers for the general public, to provide transparency about taxes and government spending in the UK.

Questions include: ‘Where does the government get its money from?’, ‘How does the government spend its money (your money)?’ and ‘How can the country afford healthcare for an ageing population?’.


We worked with IFS researchers to draft the scripts based on their work and coach them on presenting to camera, ensuring they remained accurate as well as engaging. These films also needed to be produced in a way that remained evergreen and relevant for years to come. The films are a mix of interviews and motion graphics and are designed to be dynamic in a way that resonates with a younger audience.


The initial launch of the films received over 40k views across social media, and continue to be used by the IFS years later, whenever they share work on the government budget. Young researchers coached by the team have since made media appearances for the IFS on a range of broadcast news programmes.

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