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Innovations for Poverty Action

‘Behind The Data’


To design, script and produce a film to go ‘behind the data’ and understand the work and process that goes into collecting high-quality data that informs research and policy-making in developing countries.


The film is designed to be emotive and inspiring. It follows an on-the-ground data collection team in rural Sierra Leone. It highlights the challenges they face as they ‘go the extra mile’. It shows how the data they produce is fed into research and evidence– working with leading researchers using the latest techniques – in order to know what works, what doesn’t, and why. 


The film has been viewed many tens of thousands of times and has become an important tool for IPA as part of their work and conversations with policy-makers, stakeholders and funders.

“We had a fantastic experience working with Econ Films. They delivered a high-quality, professional product that served our marketing and fundraising goals. They were great communicators and collaborators, and delivered all cuts within the time period agreed upon. We were so happy with their work that we subsequently hired them for two other projects.”

Laura Burke, Associate Director of Communications 

Innovations for Poverty Action, Yale University 

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