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Queen Mary University of London

‘Research Highways’


To design and produce a video series covering a range of research topics including science, engineering, humanities and medicine, that showcases the unique credibility and value of the University’s research and celebrates their recent successes in the Research Excellence Framework. The brief was to ensure the videos grab people’s attention and have real impact, all while reflecting the dynamic and diverse work of the University.


We were responsible for all aspects of production including concept and editorial design and scripting. To make sure we grabbed people’s attention we wanted to quickly establish ‘Why it matters’, highlighting how their important work has an impact in the real world. We also created a strong visual ‘concept’ that was positive, practical and dynamic, reflecting the unique approach of Queen Mary. This included using diverse locations from around the campus and surrounding East London area and using time lapse photography.

This modern and dynamic feel was balanced with a rigorous approach to how we presented the findings of the research, using motion graphics and animated graphs to support the contributors on screen.

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