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UBS Center

"Working with Econ Films is very satisfying. They know their craft and also understand economics. From the idea to a completed video is very fast. You don't have to explain the content or write an elaborate script. They know what is relevant. That's why the production works extremely efficiently."

Dr Matthias Ammann
COO, UBS Center

Dina Pomeranz, Raising money for the state


To create a series of short research explainers, including one based on Dina Pomeranz’s policy brief on the potential of a new approach to improve tax collection.


We used a mobile studio to film in Dina’s offices and create a well-lit neutral backdrop. To make sure the video was as engaging and accessible as possible, we used the 5-steps approach to prompt her with questions, helping her to give natural and concise statements. We also used clearly labeled dynamic graphs to illustrate some of the main points and evidence behind her work. 

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