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Center for Global Development

"We appreciated Econ Films' flexibility and creativity in producing a video to help us illustrate and promote a complex idea. We got great feedback on both the video and our proposal, which has shaped our research going forward."

Stephanie Donohoe
Digital Media Manager

‘The Stretch Fund’


To create an animated film about the gap in development finance, and a potential solution – the Stretch Fund – that will bridge the gap. The target audience is policy makers and the development community.


We took the visual style and motifs of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Center for Global Development brand guidelines to create a visual style for the film based on dynamic topography. In order to communicate the role of our client and their proposals we agreed on a visual device for the project around cogs and gears, showing how these different parts are interdependent and need each other to work as a whole.


We have since worked on several videos together with CGDEV.   

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