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Transport & Environment

The Reality of eFuels


To produce a film that informs European policy-makers of the vested interests behind calls to promote eFuel usage for cars. This film supported the launch of a new independent report on eFuels.


We led on the scripting and design of the films, and in partnership with T&E we agreed on a dynamic, rotoscope animation style for the project.

Editorially we focused on outlining the context and situation, the problem and the solution. The film speaks directly to this policy-making audience and is designed to tear down any misconceptions and confusion and clearly lay out the findings of the report and the established facts around eFuels. This approach was supported by dynamic data representations that give an immediacy and accessibility to the information.


‘The issue of eFuels in road transport is a complex one. The iterative and flexible process followed with Econ Films allowed us to produce a short film that communicated our messages clearly to our target audience: policy-makers. The mix of provocative political messages, science-based evidence, and memorable visuals, helped create debate and raised the profile of the issue. The video performed well on our digital channels, one measure of success being the strong response of the eFuels industry itself.’  

Paul Bell

Senior Director, Communications and Campaigns

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