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‘Launch event teaser’


To create a teaser film for the launch event for Family Planning 2030 that will build anticipation and ensure maximum attendance.


The film has an upbeat and positive style to reflect the solutions-based focus of the event. It centres on the key contribution of Melinda French Gates and gives the audience a good sense of what they will be seeing and some context for the discussions themselves.


Kirsten Sherk, Communication Director 

‘FP2020 Celebrating Progress, Transforming for the Future was FP2020’s most attended virtual event and that was due to the partnership with Econ Films. The team worked tirelessly to accommodate all needs and make this event a success. We are thankful for the collaboration and opportunity to introduce our organization as FP2030. Our partners were thrilled to see themselves embedded throughout and hear about all the next steps for FP2030.’

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