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Anti-Slavery International

Stop Forced Labour


To produce a short animated video that highlights how companies around the world are committing human rights abuses – and are easily getting away with profiting from the exploitation of people and the planet. 

To show examples of these forced labour practices, and offering solutions to an audience of government officials that can make businesses accountable for their harmful activities. That is, to put people before profit.


We used a character-animation style that would help humanise some of the issues involved. We also worked closely with the client to make sure a complex issue was communicated in a way that was accurate and clear – and in a way that offers practical solutions and inspires action.


“We are really happy with the animation that Econ Films made for Anti-Slavery International. As a complex topic with a lot of different considerations, we particularly wanted a video that would humanise forced labour, and help our audiences understand why this proposed law is so important. We were very happy with the development process and feel Econ Films have done a brilliant job in creating a simple, audience-focused video, that both helps to explain what we are calling for and to humanise it.”

Jessica Turner, Communications Manager

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