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Natural  Resource Governance Institute

What do we know about national oil companies


To produce an explainer film that looks at what we know – and what we don’t – about national oil companies.

The film is designed to bust myths and misconceptions and encourage policy-makers and stakeholders to engage with the NRGI’s new report and database.


The film leads with the data representations and uses a range of visual devices, including mixed media and dynamic typography, to support the statistical information, making it digestible and memorable.      


Lee Bailey, Communications Director

‘Econ Films’ were a thoughtful partner as we sought to inform our audiences about the overlooked and huge role of state-owned oil companies in their countries’ economies. The resulting clip highlighted in simple terms the findings from a new database we launched, and presented them in a compelling visual style. We have since returned to EconFilms when we’ve had need for crisp video that cuts through’.

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